Chaładaj Group

at the Institute of Organic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences

We are currently seeking a highly motivated MSc Student to work in project "Palladium-catalyzed perfluoroalkylative functionalization of alkynes" (NCN, OPUS 11). We offer a position in young dynamic team, provide excellent working conditions and training opportunities. For details see Career.


Wojciech will deliver a speech at BIT's 8th Annual Global Congress of Catalysis (20-22 October 2017, Shanghai, China)
Malgorzata Kocoj join the group as MSc Student
Wojciech received SONATA BIS grant (NCN)
A paper (in collaboration with B. Kozankiewicz) "Single molecules of terrylene in di-substituted naphthalenes crystallizing in the herringbone pattern" was accepted to RSC Adv.
Wojciech received OPUS grant (NCN)