Chaładaj Group

at the Institute of Organic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences


We are currently seeking a highly motivated MSc student to work in project "Exploration of carbophilic π-acid catalysis under high pressure" (NCN, Sonata 6). We offer a position in young dynamic team, provide excellent working conditions and training opportunities. Stipend (from October 2016) is available for the best candidate. For detailed requirements see here or contact Wojciech. Deadline is extended to July 15th.


  • Meet Agata and Sylwester at Balticum Organicum Syntheticum 2016 (3-6 July 2016 Riga, Latvia)
  • 25.04.2016 A paper "A Broadly Applicable Method for Pd-Catalyzed Carboperfluoro-alkylation of Terminal and Internal Alkynes: A Convenient Route to Tri- and Tetrasubstituted Olefins" was accepted to ACS Catal.
  • 27. 04.2016 A paper "Mild and Functional Group Tolerant Method for Tandem Palladium-Catalyzed Carbocyclization–Coupling of ε-Acetylenic β-Ketoesters with Aryl Bromides and Chlorides" was accepted to Adv. Synth. Catal.